Work has changed.
Workplace recognition hasn't, yet.

At HiThrive we are developing next-generation employee recognition solutions innovatively designed to create a shared sense of purpose.

A new perspective

We’re not a rewards provider, gift card distributor, or events coordinator. We have no financial incentive to increase your “points” budget or rewards spend. In fact, we’ll be the first to admit that we don’t believe there is any basis for the prescribed 1-2% of payroll expense as the appropriate budget -- we’re agnostic to whether you opt for rewards at all. Again, our focus is different.

We measure our success on the strength of our partnerships and our ability to drive meaningful impact to the positive reinforcement practices of organizations. On our ability to design programs that positively reinforce the values of the organization and processes to seamlessly incorporate the recognition of those moments into the fabric of work.

We’re focused on the micro-moments, not the shiny prizes. Because those micro-moments are grouped psychologically into peak experiences that are accompanied by deep, positive, lasting emotions. They are the markers and reference points to a broader story of the employee’s overall experience. And collectively, those moments and the individuals who experience them, contribute to an organization that is confident, innovative, supportive, and always strives to be great.

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Core principles

Partners in purpose

Always driven to improve the personal and professional well-being of your team members by reinforcing contribution and purpose.

Simplicity through complexity

Human-centric technology to make recognition and related processes seamless. Optimized for the lowest barrier of tech-savvy.

No mark-up transparent pricing

Flat monthly subscription pricing and 100% pass- through on rewards. Steadfast in our focus as a recognition facilitator rather than a rewards provider.

Continuous innovation

Forward-thinking and consistently evolving to ensure best-in-class features and reach.

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