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Illuminate your team’s best moments with peer-to-peer recognition, celebrations, gifts + rewards, and more.

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to empower aligned, hyper connected, and recognition-rich cultures

Courtney Stover HiThrive testimonial

Courtney Stover

People Operations Manager

"HiThrive was a seamless integration working securely inside our Slack and our employees absolutely love it – reflected by our 88% engagement rate. HiThrive made our recognition program fun and easily accessible for everyone."

Courtney Stover

People Operations Manager


The recognition platform that your employees will love

Illuminate recognition at every moment

HiThrive allows your employees to recognize and be recognized in the flow of work: available everywhere your team is and optimized whether back-office, front-office, in-store, or remote.

Celebrate together, succeed together

Birthdays, work anniversaries, and new hire announcements. Customized to make each moment meaningful while guaranteeing that employee milestones are never missed. Design your program with points or gifts to add to the celebration.

Elevate your workplace experience

Launch nomination campaigns, challenges, or simply send spot awards. HiThrive incorporates a full suite of recognition tools for unparalleled engagement.

Be the recognition
rockstar your team deserves.

Schedule a demo and see why over 1,000 teams across the globe trust HiThrive to power their employee recognition programs.

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Your people data in HiThrive, like magic

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Protecting your
data at HiThrive

Maintaining industry best practices in information security and data privacy to earn our customers’ trust.

HiThrive meets your team wherever they are.

With a standalone web experience plus full platform functionality inside both Microsoft Teams and Slack,  there are officially no barriers to high engagement

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