Launch the best recognition program that your team has ever seen

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Cultivate an environment, culture, and organization that enables your team to be their best selves.

Engage Everybody

Readily available, intuitive, and efficient, HiThrive allows all of your team members to participate.

Reduce Turnover

Create the culture that your employees want to be apart of and build momentum through your team’s shared success.

Win Together

Harness your strengths, unlock your team’s best efforts, and discover your new ceiling.

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Activate every employee with modern values-based peer-to-peer recognition. Hyper-integrated and optimized for both ease-of-use and impact.

Tag a company value to create alignment around your shared mission

Add points and set your own budget and budget reset cadence

Post to your public recognition feed or send privately

Send gifts, gift cards, or points on-demand. Remove administrative bottlenecks and empower your managers to reinforce their team’s accomplishments right when they happen.

Optimize the payload with fun in-platform graphics (think a modern e-card)

Select the point value or gift based on the moment and recipient

Pull from your budget or use HiThrive’s automated approval routing

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Put your work anniversary program on autopilot. Design your celebration by milestone year including your dynamic visual, public / private message, point value or gift, and announcement timing. Sit back while HiThrive executes.

Post individually or group them together to maintain focus

Connect points, send gifts, or give your team member preselected options

Integrated with your HRIS platform for seamless data continuity

Forget the e-card, HiThrive automates your employee birthday celebrations and keeps it social. With an automated workflow that asks each team member how they would prefer to celebrate (public, private, or not at all), you never have to worry about a misguided celebration.

Employees select how they want to be celebrated

Connect points, send gifts, or give your team member preselected options

Integrated with your HRIS platform for seamless data continuity

Make your new hire’s first day magical. Introduce your new employee to the organization with customized templates that include personal information (title, department, fun facts), all automated, of course. Watch as your employees welcome them to the team.

Automatically include employee-specific information from your HRIS platform to individualize the announcement.

Set your announcement timing and cadence

Connect your announcement to a new hire bundle, fulfilled automatically through a HiThrive integrated partner

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Launch your nomination programs where your people are. Choose who can participate, how many nominations each person has, and what information is requested. HiThrive will automatically handle reminders and close the campaign at your desired date.

Select any group of participants

Customize your questions and fields

Collect nominations confidentially and choose how to share the results

Manage your next wellness / wellbeing initiative or business initiative with ease – think a steps challenge, volunteer hours initiative, or even an annual training – and your employees can submit a confirmation upon its completion. Design your own submission form to aggregate all of the information necessary.

Flexible to accommodate any task that requires a self-identified completion

Advanced forms to collect all of the information necessary

Reward your challenges successful completion with points or a gift


Complete your recognition cycle with integrated, no markup rewards including Amazon, gift cards, non-profit contributions, HiThrive curated partners, swag, or build your own custom catalog.

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Thriving teams use HiThrive

Thoughtfully Designed

Designed to the last pixel and tested for real-world effectiveness, HiThrive combines ease-of-use with world-class impact.

Easily Implemented

Implementation support is included free of charge with every HiThrive product tier.

Fully Featured

A unified suite of integrated recognition tools to level-up your team.

Trusted by
1,000+ teams

"We have really seen an uptick in engagement and recognition using HiThrive and wanted to extend our compliments for building such a great, integrated platform."

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