25 Employee Rewards Ideas To Celebrate and Motivate your Team Members in 2023

25 Employee Rewards Ideas To Celebrate and Motivate your Team Members in 2023

Supporting an aligned and engaged organization requires a program of recognition that reinforces contributions and celebrates successes of the employees that contribute to it. While rewards and recognition programs come in a variety of forms, what is most important is that you have a purposeful approach that fits your budget and company culture. Whatever your program looks like, we have compiled a list below that you can use to reward your employees. For a technology integrated program with rewards that include the Amazon Marketplace, Gift Cards, Charitable Donations, and custom items (like the below), take a look at HiThrive.

Employee Rewards Ideas

1. Morning Fuel

Coffee or breakfast from a local favorite.

2. Manicure / Pedicure

Gift your team members with a relaxing moment of self care. Ass and added bonus, they’ll come to work with something to show off. 

3. 60-Minute Massage

A moment (or 60) to refresh and rejuvenate. Who wouldn’t appreciate that?

4. Day Pass

Give an extra day off, no questions asked.

5. Team Happy Hour

A reward to be shared with the entire team. That’s what we call a win-win.

6. Dinner for Two

Select a favorite restaurant for your team member and their friend / partner. Alternatively, set the budget and leave the choice to them. Use OpenTable or Resy to lock it in. 

7. Professional House Cleaning

Reduce the stress outside of work with a professional house cleaning service. Handy makes it easy to source.

8. Bring Your Dog To Work

Dogs make everything happier! Whether they help productivity is a little less clear. Make a one day exception anyway.  

9. Cooking Lessons

Indulge a hobby that your team members don’t often invest in. Learning new skills are always fun too. Check out Williams Sonoma’s classes for in-persona and virtual options.  

10. Half-Day Friday

An awesome idea for good weather days, especially when your employees can’t wait to leave for the weekend.

11. Coffee Subscription

We love a good cup of Folgers, but coffee has come a long way. Treat your team to a fun coffee subscription where they can personalize the delivery to their preference. Trade provides a great subscription service. 

12. Dream Car Rental

For your gearhead / car enthusiast, a day with a dream car is a pretty unforgettable experience. Check out the offerings on Enterprise Exotics or Turo. Vroom Vroom! 

13. Event Tickets

Tickets to see a favorite musician or sports team is always a memorable experience and an awesome choice. If budget allows, include tickets for a friend or family member.

14. Custom Phone Case

Upgrade your phone with a premium personalized case. The Daily Edited is a great option. 

15. Paint with Wine (In-Person or Virtual)

Unlock and engage your team’s creativity with a fun night of wine and painting. See Pinot’s Pallet for both in persona and virtual options. 

16. Babysitter for a Night

Give your employees a little break with child care for the night. Use their preferred sitter or check Care.com for local options. 

17. Dog Walker

Speaking of taking a break, dog walking can be a major relief as well. Rover makes it easy to find a trustworthy walker. 

18. Flowers

Whether something nice for home or to sit on their desk, flowers are sure to bring joy. See Bloom Nation for local options. 

19. Meditation Subscription

Change the vibrations with meditation lessons. Calm is great for beginners and doesn’t require a substantial time commitment. 

20. Company Swag

Promote your company and create a cohesive environment at the same time, just make sure that your branded company swag is quality and thoughtfully designed. Check out HiThrive’s integrated branded merchandise partners

21. Masterclass Subscription

Curiosity and continuous learning are amazing character traits in team members and are important to nurture. Feed their curiosity with a Masterclass subscription. 

22. Wine Education Classes / Home Brewing Kit

Drinking [responsibly] is fun, but isn’t it also fun to be able to smartly talk about it? Napa Valley Wine Academy has a ton of options for single classes to multiclass series. And for team members who prefer a beer, an at home brewing kit is a fun way to tinker and experiment.  

23. Yoga Subscription

For the wellness lovers and those who are looking to improve, a Glo provides a great subscription to on-demand virtual classes.

24. Meal Delivery Service

A home cooked meal prepared by a chef and delivered to your employees home 🤤. Great if you’re single or are providing for a family. Try Shef or Eat Wood Spoon for local options. 

25. Charitable Donation

Support your employees with a donation to a cause of their choice. Alternatively, check out HiThrive’s Charitable Giving rewards catalog to make the process seamless. HiThrive has over 1.5 million non-profit options to choose from.  

Is your employee recognition program working for your team? 

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