Rewards with lasting impact

From amazon business to HiThrive’s proprietary non-profit portal, HiThrive empowers rewards that team members value.

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Connect recognition to rewards with no mark-up

No mark-up, ever.

Through best-in-class partners with the world’s largest catalog.

Support included

Customer support on standby to handle any team member issue.

Internationally fulfilled

To over 100 countries, many of which include free delivery.

Immediate fulfillment, no administration

HiThrive has partnered with the world’s largest retailer! Access to Amazon’s full catalog and the experience that your team members have come to expect. Products automatically filtered for geography and prime-eligible fulfillment.

  • 100M+ products available with shipping
  • Instantaneous fulfillment
  • Emailed directly to your team member

Charitable Donations

Show your team members that you care by turning rewards into support for their causes. With access to the IRS’s database of non-profit organizations, team members can elect to make a contribution to organizations local to global.

  • 1.4M+ non-profit organizations
  • Customized corporate match
  • Tax deductible

Gift Cards

Instantly available from over 1,000 global merchants including Best Buy, Chipotle, Nike, Starbucks, and more.

  • 1,000+ global merchants
  • Instantaneous fulfillment
  • Emailed directly to your team member

Develop your own catalog

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