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HiThrive doesn’t have access to your conversations or files on Slack. Our security

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HiThrive doesn’t have access to your conversations or files on Slack. Our security

Recognition that inspires great work.

  • Connect to core values

    Tag recognition with your company’s core values to reinforce the contributions that drive your mission.

  • Earn points

    Incorporate points as an extra incentive for great work. Team members easily redeem their earned points for real world rewards.

  • Nudge participation

    Boost inclusion with friendly reminders to prompt the participation of all team members.

  • Budget smartly

    Set a maximum monthly point allowance to achieve your desired spend.

  • Analyze & share insights

    Track performance, activity, and engagement the HiThrive analytics dashboard. Export custom reports to take your data offline.

  • Customize branding

    Make your celebrations your own with customizable copy and visuals.

83% of HiThrive users receive recognition at least once a month.
“We have really seen an uptick in engagement and recognition using HiThrive and wanted to extend our compliments and thanks for building such a great integrated platform.” — James Kyle, CEO, Millennium

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