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Recognition solutions for supportive teams and appreciated team members.

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Industry leaders use HiThrive to:

Make recognition easy

HiThrive allows your team members to recognize and be recognized in the flow of work: available everywhere your team is and optimized whether back-office, front-office, in-store, or remote.

Celebrate together

Improve collaboration and notifications with built-in email and text message alerts. Choose whether to inform managers and executives. Set distribution of automated weekly executive summaries or export for external use.

Reward meaningfully

Access to the largest available rewards catalog at no mark-up. Enable Amazon Business, non-profit contributions, gift cards, or create your own. HiThrive will also handle all of your team member reward support.

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Streamline processes

HiThrive connects to your existing enterprise platforms including HRIS, SSO, POS, MS Outlook / Teams, Slack, and more.

Automate administration

Set reminders, and autosend weekly activity summaries. Let your HRIS integration manage your team member directory and hierarchy.

Continuously evolve

Roll-out new programs, awards, and achievements for different teams. Collaborate with your account representative on program design.

Unique teams demand unique recognition solutions.

Industry, geography, employee type, analog(ish) to fully digital, HiThrive provides expert program development, hands-on implementation, and 24/7 support to ensure that you get the most out of our partnership.

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